February 11, 2017 -

West Plains, MO

13.1 Relay



Half Marathon Relay Not up for 10k or a full half but want to participate?  Gather up three of your friends and come run!

Our half marathon relay is different than most.  Instead of dividing it up equally ours is a "distance medley."   The 13.1 miles will be divided into 4 different distances (all are approximate.)  They are: 4k, 5k, 8k, and 4k.   This offers a distance for everyone.

This is a mixed relay.  You can compose your team however you choose.  The only rule is there has to be at least one person of the opposite gender on your team.

Gather your team.  Go train and take home the bragging rights.

Sign up today.  Entry fee is just $30 per member.  All team members get a race shirt.

After February 5, 2017 the entry fee goes up to $40 per member.

Register online at www.iamathlete.com

Or download a registration form and send it in.

Relay Procedures

All relay team members will be issued and expected to wear their race number.  This is how your team will get their final time and placing.

The relay leg distances are as follows: 4k, 5k, 8k, and 4k.  All distances are approximate and will proceed in that order.

To keep us all "honest" there will be an armband given to each team.  This armband will be passed from team-mate to team-mate.  The officials at the finish line will need to see the armband at the completion of the race.

Exchange zones are located near city owned parking lots where it will be easy to get off the street.  Please be mindful of other runners.  Don't interfere with those around you by simply stepping out of the way as you make your exchange!

No transportation is provided to any exchange zone.  You must coordinate your own transportation.  Plenty of parking is available near all exchange zones.  Please use parking lots when possible.

Please be aware that the exchanges are in the middle of the race loops.  Please do not drive in a way that is dangerous to other racers!

Exchange zone locations: 1) N. Minnesota and W. Cass Ave 2) West Plains Armory parking lot located near Webster Ave & Hazel St and 3) The West Plains Civic Center "west circle drive" at the corner of St. Louis St & E. Main St.

Finally:  Have FUN!!!!!

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